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Reese’s Smoothie

  • 1.5-2 frozen overripe banana (peeled before freezing; creates milkshake-like consistency)
  • 2-3 Tbsp dark cocoa baking powder
  • 2 spoonfuls peanut butter and/or peanut butter powder
  • Non-dairy milk of choice (soy, oat, almond, cashew, “Next Milk”)
  • ½ avocado for extra creaminess
  • 2 spoonfuls ground flaxseed or ground chia seeds (being ground helps your body absorb the omega-3s)

A high-speed blender like the Ninja blender works great. Simply blend and enjoy for breakfast, snacks or desserts! If making for later, you can preserve the texture by keeping in an insulated pack like a lunch box with ice packs inside the fridge. Or, freeze and then thaw.

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