Top 10 best vegan podcasts, plus Veganspired's public Spotify playlists organized by topic so you can easily find what you're interested in.

The top 10 best vegan podcasts to discover everything you need to know (2023)

If you’re trying to learn more about veganism while you’re cooking, cleaning, or commuting, you might be looking for what the best vegan podcasts to tune in to. Look no further! See below for not only a list of the best vegan podcasts, but also Veganspired‘s public Spotify playlists organized by topic (social justice, climate, health, etc) so you can easily find the topics you’re most interested in.

1. The Disclosure Podcast

With over 800 five-star ratings on Apple Podcasts listeners are raving about The Disclosure Podcast. British activist, speaker, content creator and now Harvard lecturer Ed Winters (“Earthling Ed”) covers the full range of topics related to veganism, including morality, communication and advocacy, climate and sustainability, and current events. Consistently thoughtful, reasoned and inspiring – if you listen to any vegan podcast, let it be this.

Apple Podcasts Rating: 5 stars from 810 reviews

2. Nutrition Facts

Plant-based doctor, New York Times best-selling author and founder of, Dr. Michael Greger provides reliable, evidence-based nutrition information free from Big Food and Big Pharma influence. Learn how to use food as medicine in order to prevent chronic diseases fueled by the typical Western diet, such as dementia, high blood pressure, obesity, cancers. Find out if you really need supplements, how to optimize your longevity and even improve your sexual function.

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8 stars from 2.8K reviews

3. The Exam Room

Hosted by the founder of the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine, Dr. Neal Barnard, and “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll, the show inspires listeners to adopt and continue plant-based diets. Hear from plant-based nutrition experts on topics like how to eat to feel your best, speed up your metabolism, boost your immunity and even prevent cancer and reverse heart disease.

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9 stars from 2.6K reviews

4. Food for Thought

Hosted by award-winning author, speaker, and cultural commentator Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, this 15-year-long podcast provides resources about health, traveling, navigating the holidays, the language we use around animals, and more. She offers a calm voice of reason and a clear commitment only to raising awareness of the issues, without setting out to “convert” anyone. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, US News, NPR, PBS and more.

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8 stars from 1.8K reviews

5. Our Hen House

On this award-winning show, you can hear from grassroots leaders, advocates, artists, writers, chefs, entrepreneurs, politicians, and business people dedicated to caring for animals through their work.

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9 stars from 490 reviews

6. Eat for the Planet

Listen in on conversations between interviewer and entrepreneur Nil Zacharias and food industry leaders, health and sustainability experts, and entrepreneurs who are paving new pathways in our food system. Chock full of information informed and hopeful about a plant-based future.

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9 stars from 219 reviews

7. The Plant-Based News Podcast

Hosted by UK-based Robbie Lockie, Plant Based News provides cutting-edge vegan news from around the world, including topics such as ethics, animal rights activism, health education, lifestyle tips, fitness and more. With 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 554k followers on YouTube, Plant Based News has made a name or itself across media platforms.

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8 stars from 286 reviews

8. The Chickpeeps Vegan Podcast

Who better to dispel the stereotype of “angry vegans” than the bright, friendly voice of podcast host Evanna Lynch (who played Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter)? The Chickpeeps is friendly, fun and thoughtful. Together with her co-hosts, these friends discuss the dilemmas of living vegan; their values of compassion, health and sustainability; and interview vegan voices from across the world. An easy listen, The Chickpeeps is sure to provide positive motivation for manifesting the values of veganism.

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7 stars from 211 reviews

9. How to Vegan

Hosted by vegan health coach and animal rights activist Kristen Pound, this podcast explores practical issues like being vegan in college, tips for vegan pregnancy, social justice questions, pets being vegan, zero waste tips, vegan gift ideas, vegan resources and more. Motivated by ethical and environmental implications of going vegan, this podcast host explores it all in a relatable way.

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7 stars from 253 reviews

10. The Minimalist Vegan

Hosted by best-selling authors and full-time bloggers Michael and Maša Ofei, episodes explore the intersection of minimalist, sustainable, zero-waste living and veganism. They cover a range of topics, from the morality of zoos, to vegan cooking on a budget, to advocacy, to the social  aspects of veganism and much more. The natural flow of their conversation and their rapport make for easy, informative listening.

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7 stars from 39 reviews

20 Veganspired Spotify Playlists by Topic


Many vegan podcasts have episodes touching on a wide variety of topics. If you’re like me, you might be interested in listening about a certain topic rather than listening to a particular podcast. If so, you can follow our growing collection of public Spotify podcasts (including episodes from the podcasts above and more) organized by topic by clicking on the titles below.

1.Social Justice

Explore how all forms of oppression – racism, classism, and speciesism – are interlinked, and how feminism and decolonization share a common mission with veganism. Learn about efforts to help farmers transition to plant-based agriculture and how an ethical food system must be vegan. And, we humble ourselves with the recognition that veganism alone is not a totally cruelty-free lifestyle.

2. Animal Rights

At the heart of the philosophy of veganism lies the affirmation that non-human animals have the right to live free from unnecessary, human-induced exploitation, pain and suffering. Explore how human systems violate the rights of cows, chickens, turkeys, pigs, goats, donkeys, rabbits, sheep, fish and how to stand up for their rights.

3. Health Justice

Veganism is an essential part of solving public health issues like pandemics and preventing conditions like cancer, obesity, arthritis, stroke, dementia and more. Learn how a vegan diet optimizes longevity, vegan sources of protein and calcium, and why most mainstream doctors do not know to recommend veganism.

4. Mental health

Did you know eating a plant-based diet supports our mental health? Learn about how eating vegan fights depression and anxiety on this playlist.

5. Plant Power

Sure, you have a general sense that blueberries and walnuts are good for you. But learning exactly what superfoods like these do for your body can provide the motivation you need to incorporate them into your diet consistently.

6. Vegan Pregnancy

Pregnant or hoping to be? Here’s your source for managing questions non-vegans have about your pregnancy, tips for improving fertility, managing gestational diabetes, improving gut health, pregnancy travel tips, cravings and more.

7. Raising Vegan Kids

Raising your kids vegan? These episodes equip you with all you need to know about raising healthy vegan children and fending off common questions people may ask.

8. Vegan Cooking

Feel intimidated by learning how to cook vegan? This series will set you up for success with vegan cooking tips for beginners; ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner ideas, appetizers, school lunches, and game day; vegan cookbooks, and tips for cooking and baking with vegan ingredients and more.

9. Budget Vegan

Think eating vegan has to be expensive? Think again! These episodes provide strategies for cheap and easy vegan shopping and cooking. They also explore the hidden costs of cheap meat and animal products.

10. Restaurant and Grocery Store Tips

Advice for dining out as a vegan and the best vegan finds at major grocery stores.

11. Vegan Products

Discover vegan candies, non dairy milks, “accidentally vegan” foods and more. Plus, explore a pragmatic approach of buying vegan foods from non-vegan companies versus an idealist approach of buying only from vegan companies.

12. Veganism and Holidays

Many holiday traditions revolve around animal products, and family members might feel offended when we pass on their famous mac ‘n cheese. Learn how to cook vegan for the holidays and graciously navigate situations that may arise with non-vegan family members. Plus, explore options for compassionate, eco-friendly gift giving over the holidays.

13. Climate Justice and Sustainability

Learn about the climate crisis and our food system, including how adopting veganism is an essential component of being an environmentalist, living zero waste, the carbon footprint of our food and more.

14. Government and Industry Collusion

Discover how Big Pharma, the food industry, the USDA, bailouts and manipulation of nutrition science have colluded to uphold the animal-based food system we have today.

15. The Language We Use Around Animals

Ever wonder why we still use language like “Kill two birds with one stone?” These episodes explore how we talk about animals in our language and how our euphemisms, doublespeak and other linguistic formations desensitize us to what we do to animals.

13. Vegan Travel

Planning a trip? Whether you’re going on a road trip, going camping, need vegan fast food options, visiting a U.S. city, or jet-setting to Europe, Africa, Asia, Mexico, Russia and more, these episodes have you covered with vegan tips.

15. Vegan fashion and cosmetics

Here you can explore common questions around leather, feathers, cruelty-free cosmetics and more.

18. Navigating Veganism with Pets

Explore the question of whether companion animals can be vegan and learn about pet foods made to meet this need.

19. Vegan Ventures

Get inspired by the endeavors of stellar vegan role models! Learn about the work of vegan authors, activists, entrepreneurs, doctors, nutritionists, body builders, chefs, actors and more.

20. Advocacy & Arguments against Veganism

Broaching the subject of veganism with non-vegan family and friends can be tricky. Learn communication strategies to speak up for what you believe in graciously – even with humor – in order to have productive conversations and minimize feelings of defensiveness. This series will provide you with a solid understanding of how to answer common arguments against veganism.

Whether you listen to one of the best vegan podcasts or choose from the topical playlists, you’re sure to learn about the vast and varied benefits of veganism and gain tools for navigating life as a vegan in a not-yet-vegan world. Keep up the listening – podcasts are an engaging way to keep getting veganspired!

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