Want to make vegan friends? How to meet vegans in 5 easy ways

Want to make vegan friends? How to meet vegans in 5 easy ways

Becoming vegan feels so right because you’re living out your values. You’re doing all that’s in your power to slow the climate crisis; protect marginalized communities, farmed animals and wildlife; fight world hunger; and prevent chronic disease, pandemics and antibiotic resistance. But if your social circle hasn’t caught up yet and you’re doing it on your own, it can feel lonely. You might wonder how to meet vegans in person. Look no further!

Here’s our top 5 tips for how to meet vegans: join a local vegan group on Facebook, Reddit or MeetUp; use vegan apps like Grazer, Veggly, or VegPal; get involved in local vegan activism; and discover local events through online vegan events calendars. If you share why veganism is important to you with your existing friends, you might even inspire them to join you! Keep reading for more resources.

1. Apps


Since vegan dating and friend-finding apps are relatively small compared to the major apps, being open to a wider variety of ages of people and expanding your radius can help increase your chances of connecting with someone. 


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Created exclusively for millennials and Gen Z, the London-based app Grazer offers vegans a way to meet vegan friends and dates. Its friend-finding feature is even outperforming Bumble’s, with 20% of users looking to meet other vegan friends. The app recognizes that veganism is a philosophy of compassion that influences your perspective and daily choices, finding like-minded friends is important. Users are about 55% women and 45% men. However, this app is best in major cities, as elsewhere there is not yet much member activity.


Veggly - Find people that think (and eat) like you!

Another global dating app for vegans and vegetarians, Veggly is active in 181 countries. Many vegans want to be with a partner who shares their care and concern for animals, health and the environment. Vegan dating apps make dating simpler for vegans by creating a space where one of the most foundational values is already agreed upon. By the end of 2021, Veggly had already reached half a million global users. As veganism continues to grow, so too does the demand for vegan dating. See reviews here.


VegPal - Find vegan friends and dates!

VegPal is a vegan social media platform offering opportunities for members to connect and build community online and in person. Members can follow and meet other vegans, chat, connect with other vegans locally and all over the world. See reviews here.

Write a vegan bio on a more major app

Of course, another option is simply to use one of the major apps like Bumble Date or Bumble Friend Finder and put in your bio that veganism is important to you. Then, see who you find! If you’re not in a major city where these smaller apps are more popular, this could be a more effective option to meet other vegans.

2. Get involved in vegan activism in your city!

How to meet vegans? Through vegan activism!

Animalrightsmap.org offers the largest collection of animal rights activism groups, all around the world. The interactive map allows you to find animal rights groups near you. Check off two goals at once by volunteering for a vegan cause while meeting others with shared values. With a huge number of groups to choose from, including Anonymous for the Voiceless, Students Opposing Speciesism, Animals United, Animal Equality, The Humane League, PETA and more, you’re sure to find a group that fits your style. Learn about other forms of vegan activism here.

3. Bookmark vegan events calendars 

The PR company NisonCo PR and SEO provides a continually-updated list of new vegan events, summits, shows, conferences and festivals. HappyCow provides a calendar of vegan (and vegetarian) events happening worldwide, including festivals, conferences, fairs, street fests, and more. Finally, VegEvents provides a frequently updated list of vegan, animal rights, and animal welfare conferences. You can even sign up for their weekly email with vegan events near you or online. Several notable events include the VegFests, Plant-Based Prevention of Disease Conference and the Vegan Climate March.

4. Join a Vegan Meetup or Facebook group specific to your city or region


How to meet vegans in person? Join a MeetUp group near you!

Some of the largest vegan meetups exist in New York, London, Tokyo, LA, Orlando, Singapore, Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco. Groups offer socializing, nutrition, cooking, festivals, hiking, dining and more. Find groups in your region here!

Facebook groups

How to meet vegans in person? Join a Facebook group in your city or region!

5. Share what inspires you with your existing friends

In addition to making new vegan friendships and relationships – what about sharing what you’ve learned with the friends you already have? Your existing friends and family members may be more open to hearing about veganism from someone they already love and respect.

But, figuring out how to share in a welcoming way that doesn’t conjure defensiveness can be tricky. With a little tact and preferably not over a meal containing animal products, you can share what inspires you to choose a vegan lifestyle with your existing friends. 

Our Spotify playlist about advocacy offers many episodes from vegan podcasters about communicating graciously. If you need some resources to help you respond to common questions your friends and family might ask you about veganism, see our arguments against veganism page to learn how to articulate the iron-clad case for veganism.

More Resources

If you’re also open to meeting vegans online, check out our recommended platforms to connect in the vegan online community.

Apps, activism, vegan events calendars, local Facebook and MeetUp groups, and sharing what inspires you with your existing friends are all great ways to create vegan connections. When you’re wondering how to meet vegans in person, all it takes is a little courage and some initiative. You’ll find yourself making new vegan relationships in no time!

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